A downloadable game for Windows

A simple 3D platformer that stresses on speed and momentum control while allowing for parkour like movement including: wall jumping, wall latching, multiple jumps, and sliding.

All assets made in engine using basic geometry and free textures (I'm not an artist).

No sounds, so play some of your favorite songs while you race through the game.


WASD - move

mouse - look around

shift - run

space - jump

ctrl (while running or falling) - slide

left click (while in air and near wall) - wall latch

right click(while wall latched) - 180 spin

What was originally just a project I made for fun has now become my first published game. 

Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded file (Blocked_In-TR.zip) then run the exe (TheRunner.exe).

I believe DirectX is needed to run this game. If you are using a computer that you play games on, chances are you will have no issues. Also your Windows defender may not like that the game is from an "unknown publisher", just select more info, then run anyway.


Blocked_In-TR.zip 356 MB

Development log


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Its fun